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Why the Twins will win
The Twins will win the world series. No doubt in my mind. There are many people who are picking the Yankees. Why Not? They have the scariest lineup in baseball. But here's why the Twins will win:

1) Johan Santana - The best pitcher in the AL. He hasn't lost at home since Aug of 2005. That's over a year people!
2) There's no place like Dome - We win at home. Maybe we know how to look in the lights. Maybe we can field balls better on the turf. For whatever reason we kick ass at home.
3) Best bullpen in the playoffs - Crain, Reyes, Rincon, Nathan. Get into the 6th inning and it's over. These guys throw in the 90's.
4) A tale of two J.M.'s - Joe Mauer 7 Justin Morneau - Batting champion and potential MVP. Plus Tori Hunter hitting 30 HRs. We haven't had two 30 HR hitters since the 1987 champs. You remember those guys... Kent Krbek, Gary Gietti, Kirby Puckett.
5) You only need 2 good starters - in 1987 they only needed 2 good starters in Frank "Sweet Music" Viola & Bert "Be Home" Blyleven. This year we have Santana & Bonser plus Radke. Garza is average at best and Silva is as unpredictable as Derrick Lowe was with teh Red Sox. But you have to believe Radke can give you 5 Solid innings. Santana will win all of his games. Bonser, He'll get you to the 6th inning as well. Yeah, Garza and Silva will get lit up. Bonser might struggle. Bur Radke & Santana will hold the team together.
6) It's the Twins - We have the best team mojo in the 2nd half of the season. You can't beat Kharma, and we have it on our side.

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