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Easter weekend
It was a really good Easter.

My mom has been really down and struggling financially. She also broke up wither her fiance, so I wanted to make sure I did something nice.

Last week she said she was too broke to buy Easter baskets. I spent way too much money and made some for the family (Bor, mom, Collyn & myself). Collyn and I hid the baskets in the yard, and we all went on a leittle easter basket hunt.

I also gave my mom $1500 to help pay for her property taxes and cover some other expenses. I am really glad even with a kid on the way that I am able to help my mom out. She has done so much for me throughout my life.

Also my borther even got a job to help out. This is a big step for him.

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It's nice that you could do that for your mom and I am sure she appreciates it so much.

It's nice to see everyone coming together to help out!

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